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Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management, by Peggy Johnson
Comments: 0 Posted July 25, 2014
Heather Booth, teen services librarian, Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Western Springs, Illinois, during the July 10 episode of AL Live "The Kid-friendly Library."
Comments: 0 Posted July 23, 2014
Divining the library ebook market with a crystal ball
Comments: 0 Posted July 22, 2014
Tech devices
What librarians need to know about tablets and mobile apps
Comments: 0 Posted July 22, 2014
Captain August Bernard Coleman tattoos Otto Trager at his tattoo parlor at 427 E. Main St. in Norfolk, Virginia, September 28, 1937. This and the other photos are from the Norfolk (Va.) Public Library's Sargeant Memorial Collection, where item-level descriptions are applied.
Inverse proportions: The quantity vs. quality conundrum
Comments: 3 Posted July 21, 2014
Skyline juxtaposing ancient and modern in Azerbaijan
How library service is burgeoning in the oil-rich nation
Comments: 0 Posted July 21, 2014
Screenshot of Kindle Unlimited promotion
Comments: 1 Posted July 18, 2014
Joseph Sanchez
A question of scarcity and control
Comments: 0 Posted July 14, 2014
An excerpt from The Militia News
Propaganda from all sides coexists in select academic collections
Comments: 0 Posted July 14, 2014
Dragon traverses a laptop.
Comments: 0 Posted July 11, 2014