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Sign outside of Ferguson (Mo.) Public Library
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Image: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Denver Public Library's Zac Laugheed standing next to one of the library's DPL Connect bikes. The pedal-powered service circulates books, provides a wireless hotspot, assists with library card sign-ups, and more.
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Pictured, left to right: Library employees Maria Aguilar and Jo Storniolo, Miss California USA Cassandra Kunze, Library employees Dolores Gonzalez, Stephanie Loney and Maureen Courtney.
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The September 2013 unveiling of Northlake (Ill.) Public Library District’s Incredible Hulk statue drew fans for photo-ops with the superhero.
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Patrice Merritt and Brian Glowiak with children at Detroit Public Library.
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Queens Library rebuilds its storm-damaged branches
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The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s website on a mobile device
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Boy plays with blocks at the National Lekotek Center.
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