2011 ALA Student Chapters Survey Results

Posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 13:10
Picture of a female student answering the survey via her phone.

The 2011 ALA Student Chapters Survey was conducted over a three-month period (July 2011 through October 2011). The results are in and can be found posted at the Student Chapter Leadership group on ALA Connect.

Thanks to everyone who completed this 20-minute survey. You have provided us with invaluable information that no doubt will result in your having a greater ALA Student Chapter experience and in helping to ensure a greater ALA Student Chapter experience for future Student Chapter members.

A disheartening finding is that only just over 51 percent of the students answering the survey belong to their state library association. Reasons why it is important to join your state library association can be found in Join Your State Library Association Today! Some Chapters offer students the opportunity to join them and ALA for $35.  (See Join Your Chapter and ALA for One Low Price!)

To learn more about ALA student Chapters see Questions Answered about ALA Student Chapters and Ten Reasons Why You Should Participate in Your School's Student ALA (SALA) Chapter.