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Exploring Gender Issues in Tech Librarianship

Do issues of gender and race matter in a predominantly white, female profession like librarianship? According to a panel at the LITA-sponsored “Challenges of Gender Issues in Technology Librarianship” on Sunday, the short answer is “Yes, they impact everyone.”

Since technology is traditionally a male-dominated arena and librarianship is more female, the panel of tech librarians discussed how gender (and broader issues of diversity like race or gender identification) impact the growth and continued relevance of the profession.

Putting NSA Under the Microscope

During the ALA Washington Office Update on Saturday morning, Patrice McDermott, executive director of Open the Government, introduced Spencer Ackerman, national security editor for the Guardian US, who discussed details of how the newspaper acquired information and documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden and came to the decision to publish them.

CES 2014 Wrap-Up

What did I learn at CES 2014 this year that might affect libraries?

3D Printing at CES 2014

For the first time, CES 2014 featured an area specifically for 3D printing in the exhibit hall where all of the 3D printing companies were colocated. This was a great idea, although it did put small, independent 3D printer manufacturers next to behemoths of the field like 3D Systems, Stratasys, and MakerBot (who, while owned by Stratasys, had their own separate booth).

CES 2014: Exploring the North Hall (video)

A somewhat odd visit to the North Hall at CES 2014, just showing what the exhibits are like and giving an idea of the scale.

CES 2014: 3D Scanners (video)

A 3D scan of myself, done in just 3-4 minutes by a 3D Systems employee using their tablet-based scanner.

CES 2014: What does 4K video mean for your library?

One of the largest areas at CES, and easily the most impressive, is the Central Hall where major TV manufacturers set up their most compelling displays for people to ogle. This year, pretty much every TV in the place was a 4K or UHD (Ultra High Def) model. While it doesn’t seem that long ago that we shifted from standard definition broadcast to high definition broadcast, this next jump is going to affect us not in the living room, but in our offices and in how we can provide service to our patrons.

CES 2014: 'Internet of things' @ Your Library

One of the fastest-growing areas in consumer electronics is home automation. It’s not a straightforward category, but more of an overarching term used to describe technologies that create some form of automation for everyday events or needs. Think of a fully automated home like something out of The Jetsons;Your alarm clock goes off, and the lights in your bedroom automatically come on, slowly brightening to full strength. The thermostat slowly brings the room to a comfortable temperature even before your alarm sounds so that you’re comfy getting out from under the blankets.

CES 2014 Unveiled

A quick walk and talk through the madness that is CES Unveiled, the official media event of the International CES, where the press can find “the latest products in one room and get a preshow look at what will be making headlines during CES.”

Prologue to CES 2014

I have been attending and reporting on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) now for five years running, and one of the benefits of having done it for a few years is that you get a feel for the ebbs and flows of the trends in consumer electronics.


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