Libraries and Buy It Now: A Difficult Decision?

When Simon & Schuster (S&S) announced in June that it was extending to the entire US a pilot project originally started with the New York City Public Libraries, it became the last of the Big Five publishers to license its ebooks for loan by libraries. The American Library Association applauded the announcement in a press release, as it has applauded all such announcements.

After Privacy Glitch, the Ball Is Now in Our Court

On October 23, Adobe announced that with its software update (Digital Editions 4.0.1), the collection and transmission of user data has been secured. Adobe was true to its word that a fix would be made by the week of October 20 correcting this apparent oversight. 

Gonzalez Reports on Fiscal Year 2014 Year End Budget

ALA Treasurer Mario M. Gonzalez reported Fiscal Year 2014 year end results in an open message to ALA Council today. These figures were reviewed by the Budget Analysis Review Committee (BARC), Finance and Audit Committee, and the Executive Board at meetings this month. His message:


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