Top Tech Trends 2014

Openness was a key theme at the “Top Technology Trends” session Sunday morning at the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia.

“We are in the business of making resources available, and we shouldn’t forget that,” said Emily Gore, director for content of the Digital Public Library of America. Gore was one of five panelists speaking to an estimated 200 attendees at LITA’s popular event reporting on changes and advances in technology.

Each panelist and the moderator shared what they see as the next big trends in technology.

OK, Glass

Anyone standing outside on the second day of the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting here in Philadelphia was dusted with snow, but the scene inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center was sizzling.

Council I Session Concludes Early

ALA Council I session whipped through its agenda in barely an hour this morning, approving the 2013 Annual Conference Council Minutes, passing a resolution to improve electronic communications for ALA Council, and postponing action on two resolutions to tomorrow’s Council II session. The resolution that passed involves organizing a task force that will prepare an interim report for the 2014 Annual Conference to advise Council on guidelines for email lists and electronic communications, in part to make it easier for members to access Council documents.

Preserving the Association's History

Even the world’s largest library association needs its own archive. And since 1973, ALA has partnered with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to have its institutional records preserved and managed by the university’s library.

Top Ten (Just Kidding!) Tweets—Day 2 (Saturday)

It’s the second day of Midwinter and the biblio-twitterverse is still bustling with excitement. Attendees are still acclimating to all the swag, advanced reader copies, poor weather conditions, and of course, awesome people and events.


Not much love for the snow:

Discrimination, Intersectionality, Librarianship

One of the true highlights of the conference has been the LITA Challenges of Gender Issues in Technology Librarianship session. This panel took a look at discrimination towards women in the library technology field.

ALA, Networking, and Committees, Oh My!

After I got my MLS in December 2013 (go Eagles!), I knew that I wanted to get actively involved in the profession. I volunteered for a couple of things, acting as an information literacy mentor at a local university, and an assistant editor for After long consideration, I decided that I wanted to join the ALA New Members Round Table (NMRT).

Best Fiction for Young Adults

One of the most exciting and interactive ALA sessions took place on Saturday afternoon. Many people outside of the young adult literature world might not be familiar with the Best Fiction for Young Adults teen feedback session. The YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults Committee reads hundreds of books over the course of 16 months to create a list of the best recommended reads for teens ages 12–18. Their work is an invaluable asset to YA librarians.

Bringing TEDx to the Library

What is TEDx, and why should libraries get involved? ALA President Barbara Stripling and two presenters were on hand at the Saturday morning Midwinter session, “Talk about Innovation! TEDx @ your Library,” to help librarians answer those questions.

His New Work: Wes Moore Shares Stories

Speakers often come to ALA meetings and talk about a library, a librarian, or perhaps a book that changed their life. And in some ways, Wes Moore’s story about a book on college freshmen basketball stars called Fab Five, which turned his rejection of books into a passion for reading, was not unusual. But how he became an author is.


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