Emerging Leaders and the New Girl

“30,000 librarians?!” This was the astonished reply I received when telling my friends the estimated number of ALA Annual Conference attendees in Las Vegas. They are not alone in their surprise. As a first time conference attendee, I can understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of this event; there is so much to see and do that it can be daunting.

“Alexandria Still Burns” in Las Vegas

Philadelphia photographer Kyle Cassidy generated so much interest with his portraits of librarians taken at the ALA 2014 Midwinter Meeting in a February 11 article in Slate that he returned to take more at the Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Connecting Youth: Teen Learning in 21st Century Spaces

There is more to connecting youth than text messaging, it was clear in “Connecting Youth: Key Findings from the Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums Projects” program on Friday morning, sponsored by the Urban Libraries Council. Connecting youth is about engaging teens through subjects that interest them. The Learning Labs Initiative, started in 2012, helps teens connect activities and interests that they pursue in the library with skills that can help them at school or in a future career. Today, there are 27 Learning Labs and YOUMedia sites across the United States.

Top 10-ish Tweets – Thursday (Day 0) #alaac14

Sun’s out, and the fun’s ’bout (to start)! The 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas is underway this weekend, and attendees and those left behind are flooding the streams!

The World Cup may be the main sport trending lately (go, USA!), but this weekend, you’ll do a lot of running to your sessions, carrying tote bags full of swag (work those arms!), and weaving in and out of people traffic on the exhibit floor. Another sport that’s popular…

Consortia, Buy It Now, and Simon & Schuster

Today’s announcement (PDF file) that Simon & Schuster is making it possible for all public libraries to acquire its ebook content is welcome news. S&S had been the major holdout among the biggest publishers.

Simon & Schuster Expands Its Library Ebook Pilot Nationwide

There is good news (PDF file) on the ebook front, as Simon & Schuster converts its pilot on library ebook lending to a national program. Frankly, some of us, yours truly included, once thought that this day would never come.

ALA Advocacy Director Urges Chicago School Board to Stop Librarian Cuts

Marci Merola, director of the American Library Association’s Office for Library Advocacy, spoke on the importance of school librarians at an open hearing of the Chicago Board of Education June 25. Merola testified that “Around the country, school boards, principals, legislators, and parents are realizing that the school librarian is uniquely positioned to prepare students for the future.”

A New Nostalgia for Libraries

The civic role of libraries must be reconceptualized, said John Palfrey, the June 24 keynote speaker at the Next Library Conference, held at the Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago.

Creativity and Play at the Next Library Conference

“You are in the most American of American cities,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told an estimated 500 library leaders from around the world during the June 23 opening ceremony of the Next Library Conference, held at the Harold Washington Library Center. 

AL Live: Going Beyond Google

The June 12 episode of American Libraries Live tackled the million-dollar question: Why do we need librarians if we have Google?


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