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Wake Forest library creates a tech-free room for napping
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TNT asked ALA for adventurous librarians: We gave them six
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NYPL expands its free Wi-Fi program
ALA News Another great year for International Games Day
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The 2014 I Love My Librarian Award winners. Top row: Michael Beller, Cherry Hamrick, Jessica Elaine Holmes, Lynn Hancock Hurt, David Lopez. Bottom row: Christine Payne, Kevin M. Ray, Ciro Scardina, Sarah A. Sugden, Frances Yates.
On December 2, 10 librarians are being honored with the 2014 Carnegie Corporation of New York / New York Times I Love My Librarian Award for demonstrating the critical role librarians play in transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning.
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Ferguson Public Library director does an AMA on Reddit
American Libraries Online Rolling the dice in an academic library
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Sari Feldman and Bob Wolven
On December 1, Publishers Weekly lauded ALA Digital Content and Libraries Working Group former cochairs Sari Feldman and Bob Wolven in the publication’s annual “Publish
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John Green: 23 facts about Thanksgiving foods (video)
ALA News ALA president releases statement on Daniel Handler remarks
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Libraries in the winter on postcards
ALA News GLBTRT selects an Emerging Leader
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Archived webinar on giving legal advice
American Libraries Online A home to the homeless
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Why books are still one of our most durable technologies
ALA News ALA Washington Office's copyright event
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