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There are a lot of interesting conflicts these days in the world of digital publishing. But here’s one I didn’t see coming: interspecies copyright disputes.
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Authors United letter
Douglas Preston, author of techno-thriller and horror novels, wrote a letter protesting the “thuggery” of Amazon against Hachette authors, and urging his fans to let Jeff Bezos know they were upset, too. The campaign has now attracted the support of many other authors, over 900 names big and small.
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So much hinges on copyright. The doctrine of First Sale meant that publishers couldn’t lock libraries out of the market.
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Read the Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries Ebook Report as a PDF file.
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Macmillan announced last week that it is adding its frontlist titles to its backlist pilot for public libraries, making its complete ebook catalog available for the first time.
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You think publishing and libraries have it bad? Talk to the newspapers.
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ALA President Courtney Young released a statement today regarding Macmillian’s announcement that it would be expanding its public library e-lending program to include front-list books.
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Courtney L. Young
Dear colleagues: I wanted to share some highlights related to our strategic planning activities at Annual Conference.
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Heather Booth, teen services librarian, Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Western Springs, Illinois, during the July 10 episode of AL Live "The Kid-friendly Library."
The July 10 episode of American Libraries Live (AL Live), “The Kid and Teen-Friendly Library,” featured a discussion on getting children and youth involved with the library and library services.
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Divining the library ebook market with a crystal ball
What do new enterprises such as Scribd, Oyster, and Kindle Unlimited tell us?
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