Buy It Now button for ebooks
Simon & Schuster (S&S) announced November 20 that it will no longer require libraries to display a “Buy It Now” (BIN) button in order to lend its ebooks.
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Simon & Schuster
ALA and its Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) welcomes Simon & Schuster’s announcement that it will allow libraries to opt into the publisher’s “Buy It Now” program.
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Buy It Now button for ebooks
When Simon & Schuster (S&S) announced in June that it was extending to the entire US a pilot project originally started with the New York City Public Libraries, it became the last of the Big Five publishers to license its ebooks for loan by libraries.
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Adobe Digital Editions, Library View
On October 23, Adobe announced that with its software update (Digital Editions 4.0.1), the collection and transmission of user data has been secured.
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Here’s your monthly fix of ebook price comparisons, compliments of the Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries Ebook Report.
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OverDrive announced this week that Macmillan has lifted its restriction on licensing its ebooks to library consortia.
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Gates Foundation logo
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seems to be getting out of the world of libraries, which is a shame.
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It doesn’t matter if a book is paper or pixels: Covers matter. We are drawn to images, and the brighter and more appealing the image, the more briskly the book circulates.
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Read the Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries Ebook Report as a PDF file.
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Every now and then someone publishes a link that should be slipped into every board packet in the nation.
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