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Wearable tech in 1922 was a radio inside your top hat
American Libraries Online Selecting the (mock) Newbery and Caldecott winners
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“Read a book, yo!” That’s the unofficial motto of a group of students at Derby Academy in Hingham, Massachusetts. They took it from N. D. Wilson’s Boys of Blur, a book many of them were introduced to as part of their school library’s mock Newbery Medal election program this year.
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Multiple issues with the Goodnight Moon bedroom
American Libraries Online The winner of the AL Who Inspires You? contest
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Vannevar Bush's concept of the memex. From
The January 26 New Yorker has an article about Brewster Kahle, the Internet Archive, and its Wayback Machine. Jill Lepore’s article is titled “The Cobweb” and it sits under the heading of Annals of Technology. Take a look.
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Library Simplified
What if our patrons could get to the ebooks of their choice in just three clicks? Click once to discover, click twice to download, and the third click to read. Does this sound like science fiction? Well, we may know soon.
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Medieval speech bubbles
American Libraries Online Early childhood literacy is front-page news
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Investing in makerspaces
American Libraries Online Libraries Transforming Communities
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Glimpses of Alice
American Libraries Online Next AL Live: Storage, disaster recovery, and archiving in the cloud
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Prepare for a Godzilla invasion at your library
Midwinter Meeting News ALA hosts two-day blood drive
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Colorado library to get statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
American Libraries Online Who Inspires You? Contest submissions
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