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California State Library is digitizing stereoscopic photos
American Libraries Online Initiative helps libraries spark community action
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For Copyright Purposes button. Flickr Photo from Gaelx (
American Libraries Online A novel in 30 days An eye-popping rare book collection
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Artist Mike Matola, owner of Line By Line posters, carved the entire Rosetta Stone on a pumpkin
American Libraries Online Gonzalez reports on FY 2014 year-end budget
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Halloween postcards at the American Antiquarian Society
ALA News Gonzalez reports on FY 2014 year-end budget
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ALA Treasurer Mario M. Gonzalez reported Fiscal Year 2014 year end results in an open message to ALA Council today. These figures were reviewed by the Budget Analysis Review Committee (BARC), Finance and Audit Committee, and the Executive Board at meetings this month. His message:
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University of Iowa to digitize sci-fi fanzines
Libraries in the News Yale's papyrus preservers
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1,000 years of scientific texts are online at Qatar Digital Library
American Libraries Online Next AL Live: Open Access
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Every year I set myself the task of writing an article on a key question of strategic importance to libraries. It’s a worthwhile challenge.
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Four ways academic libraries are adapting for the future
ALA News Early Bird Midwinter rates end at noon Central time, October 31
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Work with Schools, Yorkville Branch, class visit (ca. 1910) - New York Public Library
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