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Michigan Department of Education
The Michigan State Board of Education passed a resolution at its October 14 board meeting in support of school libraries staffed by certified school librarians as a way to achieve 21st-century learning and teaching goa
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What is 64-bit computing?
ALA News Webinar: Answering legal advice
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Huntington finds it owns a volume of the Yongle Encyclopedia
ALA News Popular graphic novelists, artists at the ERT/Booklist Author Forum
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Here’s your monthly fix of ebook price comparisons, compliments of the Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries Ebook Report.
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Zany ideas for books of the future
ALA News ALA Membership System upgrade Workshop: Teaching with tablets
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YA books to read during Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
American Libraries Online Aspen Institute report: Re-envisioning public libraries
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A screen capture of a page within the "Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries" report
The Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries announced the release of its vision report, “Rising to the Chal
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Adobe responds to ALA on egregious e-reader data breach
American Libraries Online Collections are for collisions
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Infographic: Libraries for academic freedom and balanced copyright
American Libraries Online Archive of October 9 AL Live on digitization (video)
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ALA asks Education Depatrment to include libraries in early learning efforts
ALA News ALA asks ED to include libraries in early learning efforts
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