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Archived webinar on giving legal advice
American Libraries Online A home to the homeless
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Why books are still one of our most durable technologies
ALA News ALA Washington Office's copyright event
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Three students shot in Florida State's Strozier Library
ALA News FTRF 45th anniversary celebration kickoff (video)
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Buy It Now button for ebooks
Simon & Schuster (S&S) announced November 20 that it will no longer require libraries to display a “Buy It Now” (BIN) button in order to lend its ebooks.
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From 1841 to 1992, Punch was the world’s most celebrated magazine of humour and satire.
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Simon & Schuster
ALA and its Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) welcomes Simon & Schuster’s announcement that it will allow libraries to opt into the publisher’s “Buy It Now” program.
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How not to look like a tourist in Chicago
ALA News Libraries to fight for surveillance law reform in next Congress
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90% of American households have 3 or more devices online
American Libraries Online President's Message: We are global
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FCC chairman increases broadband funding for schools and libraries
American Libraries Online Lilead Project survey results
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Jefferson County (Colo.) students wait to speak at the board meeting.
American Libraries Online ALA at the Sharjah International Book Fair
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