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A drone before launch
If recent news about Chicago's polar vortex has you wondering about what to wear for the Midwinter Meeting, we have one piece of advice: Layer up. The cityscape is still breathtaking, as this bird's-eye video from a drone shows.
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Meet the classroom of the future
American Libraries Online Public libraries roll out high school diploma programs
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Who Inspires You? contest
She’s the one who gave you your first library card as a child; introduced you to librarianship at a pivotal moment in your life; or served as a mentor and guide in your professional career. He’s the librarian who made you who you are today.
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Forward-thinking school libraries in the UK
Midwinter Meeting News 10 conference tips for first-timers Division News AASL webinar: Get Thinking
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Giant, wall-sized, family-friendly tablets
American Libraries Online Newsmaker: Diana Gabaldon
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21 books that will hit the big screen in 2015
ALA News Next AL Live: Storage, disaster recovery, and archiving
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Douglas County Libraries Report, pricing comparison as of January 5, 2015
The Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries ebook price comparisons for January have been released (PDF file). This month’s are based on the New York Times bestseller lists.
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New games to be released in 2015
American Libraries Online Not your garden-variety library
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Career spotlight: What I do as a librarian
American Libraries Online 2014 year in review Dispatches from the Field: Digital media labs
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12 vintage New Year's cards
ALA News Webinar: Georgia State e-reserves case
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