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American Library Association (ALA) President Courtney Young and Barbara Lison, a representative of the German library association Bibliothek & Information Deutschland (BID), signed an agreement on Tuesday, August 19, at the World Library and Information
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Local talent in Denver Public Library's downloadable Volume collection
Denver Public Library (DPL) has announced a new service called Volume. The product is intriguing: 37 albums of DRM-free downloadable or streamable music by Colorado artists.
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Michael Dowling of ALA's International Relations Office kept busy all day with many international guests to the ALA booth at the exhibit hall in Lyon. Photo by Laurie D. Borman
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Silkworms creating coccoons. Photo by Laurie D. Borman
Sometimes, low tech trumps high te
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Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentian of the Netherlands
The theme “Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge” set the stage for the 80th International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, France, August 16–22.
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Responding to four questions in Publishers Weekly August 13, mega-successful author Hugh Howey
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Camera lens. Photo by minthu at photovaco
There are a lot of interesting conflicts these days in the world of digital publishing. But here’s one I didn’t see coming: interspecies copyright disputes.
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Authors United letter
Douglas Preston, author of techno-thriller and horror novels, wrote a letter protesting the “thuggery” of Amazon against Hachette authors, and urging his fans to let Jeff Bezos know they were upset, too. The campaign has now attracted the support of many other authors, over 900 names big and small.
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So much hinges on copyright. The doctrine of First Sale meant that publishers couldn’t lock libraries out of the market.
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Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries logo
Read the Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries Ebook Report as a PDF file.
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