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FCC to decide on E-rate program December 11: Play Bingo as you watch
American Libraries Online Reading on the inside
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The ALA delegation (left to right): Sari Feldman, Erika Linke, Carolyn Anthony, Courtney L. Young, Keith Michael Fiels, Alan S. Inouye, and Barbara Stripling
In the first week of December, a delegation of leaders from the American Library Association (ALA) met—in separate meetings—with executives of Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House, and Hachette Book Group to discuss the current state and future of library ebook lending.
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Five design concepts for the NYPL branch library of the future
American Libraries Online Seed libraries and state laws
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Report: Kids would read more if they could find books they like
ALA News Make sure you are eligible to vote in ALA elections Webinar: Face to face with Congress
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Douglas County Libraries Report, pricing comparison as of December 1, 2014
The good folks at Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries have a special Christmas gift for those of us working on the many ebook issues libraries face.
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Wake Forest library creates a tech-free room for napping
American Libraries Online On My Mind: The hidden cost of library fees
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TNT asked ALA for adventurous librarians: We gave them six
ALA News Take the Digital Inclusion Survey by December 12
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NYPL expands its free Wi-Fi program
ALA News Another great year for International Games Day
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The 2014 I Love My Librarian Award winners. Top row: Michael Beller, Cherry Hamrick, Jessica Elaine Holmes, Lynn Hancock Hurt, David Lopez. Bottom row: Christine Payne, Kevin M. Ray, Ciro Scardina, Sarah A. Sugden, Frances Yates.
On December 2, 10 librarians are being honored with the 2014 Carnegie Corporation of New York / New York Times I Love My Librarian Award for demonstrating the critical role librarians play in transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning.
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Ferguson Public Library director does an AMA on Reddit
American Libraries Online Rolling the dice in an academic library
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