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6 ALA Presidents
 ALA President Camila A. Alire, 3rd from left, with ALA past-presidents, from left, Peggy Sullivan 1980-81, Barbara Ford 1997-98, Betty Turock 1995-96, Nancy Kranich 2000-01, and Patricia Glass Schuman 1991-92, at the Library Advocates, Library Champions, and Legacy Society event.
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Libraries Build Communities 2010
The 2010 Libraries Build Communities volunteers gathered this morning, and will spend the day restoring books, collecting food, and building homes in the Washington D.C. area.
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ALA Cognotes, Issue 1, June 25, 2010.
There's so much of interest in our first issue of ALA Cognotes that we had to divy it up into two parts. Get all the news that's fit to print about ALA DC 2010 here:  
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Barbara Jones Interview Still
Watch interviews and scenes from Thursday evening's Freedom to Read Foundation reception.
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Alice Gorshenin Interview
Alice Gorshenin visits us from Germany to attend her first ALA Conference.
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Ambassadors Desk at Annual Conference
John Chrastka, Director for Membership Development, reports from onsite in Washington, DC:    
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Nancy Kranich Video
Nancy Kranich served as President of the American Library Association in 2000-2001, focusing on the role of libraries in democracies. A tireless champion of the public's information rights, Nancy has spearheaded the library community's efforts to promote civic engagement, open access, and free expression.
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The ALA Membership Pavilion, booth 2525 in the exhibits, Tom and Juanita, Welcome - ask away
We're setting up the ALA Membership Pavilion today in the exhibits, booth 2525, and are getting ready to welcome members from around the world at the exhibits opening tonight (Friday) from 5:30 - 7:30pm.
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Thursday Welcome
Anxious to see what tomorrow's ALA Cognotes will hold? Here's a Flickr slideshow with the pictures from tomorrow's issue. Arrivals and anticipation as the show begins...  
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The official "What's Happening" Guide is available for download as a convienent PDF.
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