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The proverbial little red schoolhouse
Advocating for school library services is a year-round necessity that becomes particularly pressing as spring approaches.
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The National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine seen here with the green roof. (Photo via IFLA website)
On March 4, the Ukrainian Library Association released this statement on the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) website regarding the unrest in the region.
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Unite for Literacy slogan
How would you like 100 free ebooks for children, ready for immediate MARC upload to your catalog?
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Medieval-style chained library at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford, UK. Photo courtesy of Royal Grammar School
Academic libraries have a big hairy problem: Over the past decade or so, their budgets have shifted from buying materials to leasing them. Journals are the main budget killers, with some subscriptions—so vital to the scholarly life—costing $30,000 annually per title.
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A Penguin edition of Adam Smith's Invisible Hand
The Connecticut library community has engaged its legislators in the ebook-availability debate.
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ALEC (American Leglislative Exchange Council)
Here’s the problem: To compete in today’s economy, you have to be wired. And of course, more and more of our library services are digital. But in many communities across the United States, the communication carriers just don’t provide the service citizens seek.
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Jenny Levine, sporting Google Glass
It’s been almost two months. That’s how long I’ve been living in the future this latest time. My Google Glass arrived in December, and I’ve been playing with it in fits and starts since then, in part because winter in Chicago isn’t the best time to fully test it.
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Eric Hellman has the best-named blog ever.
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Impelsys logo
As I often say, this is a time of experimentation. (If you know something’s going to work, it’s not an experiment.) But it’s not enough to try and fail, or even try and succeed. Either way, we have to report out to our colleagues.
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This month’s list from Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries features the top 20 titles from Amazon (PDF file). I have just two observations:
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