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“What is the fate of the public in an age of individual choice?” That’s the central question posed by Cherian Ge
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It’s designed to assess “the impact of new technology on our global information environment,” said IFLA President Ingrid Parent, introducing the new IFLA Trend Report August 19 during the World Library and Information Congress in Singapore.
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The 79th World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), whose theme is “Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities,” began with a bang August 18 in Singapore.
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Conventional wisdom is that work slows down in August, especially in Washington, D.C., with the departure of Congress. But for the ALA Digital Content crew (DCWG), the summer doldrums have passed us by.
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In medieval times, so the story goes, uncharted areas of maps were marked with the ominous notation “here be dragons.” While satellites have allowed precise mapping of the Earth, there are still plenty of non-geographic unknowns to be explored—like reasonably priced fiction ebooks with library-friendly terms. And th
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On July 12, ALA President Barbara Stripling released a statement regarding libraries and the Affordable Care Act.
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The following message was sent to all ALA members this morning from ALA President Barbara Stripling: Presidential Update on National Security Leak
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I didn’t know much about makerspaces prior to Annual. I assumed, well, they make things, right? My general notion was correct, but definitely not the whole story. So what is a makerspace?
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ALA’s Graphic Novel Stage opened Friday night with “Comics Quickfire!” a fast-paced game where two volunteers choose a team of professional cartoonists and battle against each other for glory. Anne Drozd, Raina Telgemeier, Matt Phelan, and John Green participated in the game hosted by Dave Roman.
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