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In medieval times, so the story goes, uncharted areas of maps were marked with the ominous notation “here be dragons.” While satellites have allowed precise mapping of the Earth, there are still plenty of non-geographic unknowns to be explored—like reasonably priced fiction ebooks with library-friendly terms. And th
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On July 12, ALA President Barbara Stripling released a statement regarding libraries and the Affordable Care Act.
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The following message was sent to all ALA members this morning from ALA President Barbara Stripling: Presidential Update on National Security Leak
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A makerspace at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago
I didn’t know much about makerspaces prior to Annual. I assumed, well, they make things, right? My general notion was correct, but definitely not the whole story. So what is a makerspace?
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ALA’s Graphic Novel Stage opened Friday night with “Comics Quickfire!” a fast-paced game where two volunteers choose a team of professional cartoonists and battle against each other for glory. Anne Drozd, Raina Telgemeier, Matt Phelan, and John Green participated in the game hosted by Dave Roman.
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Frances McNamara(standing), Clair O’Donohue, and David Walker on the PopTop Stage at ALA Annual in Chicago
Mystery authors Claire O’Donohue, Frances McNamara, and David Walker explored the reputation of Chicago and why it is a great backdrop for mystery novels Saturday afternoon. Chicago has a reputation for having corrupt politicians and a high crime rate.
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ALA Treasurer Mario Gonzalez issued the following statement on July 3, 2013: “A number of questions arose at conference regarding a notice that appeared in the Illinois Bar Review this Spring. This note related to the disbarment of a former ALA employee for misappropriation of funds from ALA.
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Khaled Hosseini being interviewed at #ala2013 by Booklist's Donna Seaman
On June 29, Booklist’s Donna Seaman interviewed bestselling author Khaled Hosseini as part of the Auditorium Speaker Series at the ALA Annual Conference, and discussed his new book, And the Mountains Echoed. The discussion delved into the aut
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Oliver Stone (left) and Peter Kuznick
Oliver Stone, the Academy Award–winning writer and director of Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Born on the Fourth of July, Natural Born Killers, and other films, and Peter Kuznick, professor of history and director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University and the author of countless books on scien
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From left: School librarians Kathleen Roberts, Henrico County (Va.) Public Schools; Glen Allen, Virginia; Megan Heindel, Marquette Elementary in Madison, Wisconsin; Stephanie Thomas, Parkrose High School in Tigard, Oregon; and Amy Jo Southworth, Bay Shore (N.Y.) Senior High School, with their presentation at the Emerging Leaders Poster Session
Let’s start with ribbons. No one told me about ribbons. I read blog posts geared toward first-time conference attendees. My coworkers knew I was going. Other friends in the profession knew I was going. I didn’t hear a peep about ribbons.
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