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ALA Chapters: Frequently Asked Questions is an FAQ that helps explain how the ALA and ALA Chapters partnership works and provides easy access to ALA resources for Chapters.
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Big Read bags made from used banners
I love hearing about people like Melissa Records who have been on the green path recycling and reusing materials for years–way before it became the “in thing” that it is today.
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ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels announced this morning in an all-staff memo that a projected $2-million budget shortfall has forced the Association to reduce staff by eight positions. The memo to staff:
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The Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), invites you to ALCTS 101 an event hosted by the ALCTS New Members Interest Group (ANMIG), in conjunctio
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For one year only, Library Advocacy Day (LAD) will replace National Library Legislative Day (NLLD).
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Teton County Library's "Going Green" logo
Just a few days ago I wrote about Teton County (Wyo.) Library’s No Idling Campaign.  I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you more about what they’re doing on the green front as it is pretty impressive.
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No idling sign
In my old neighborhood, there is a beautiful park. Adjacent to the park is a kindergarten school.
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The seventh draft of “Librarianship and Traditional Cultural Expressions: Nurturing Understanding and Respect” is available for review and comment.
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American Libraries has run a number of articles on how to manage your way through the economic crisis that has now trickled down to libraries big-time. Some of our profession's best managers and leaders have produced a number of significant articles that could help us all get through these tough times.
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Larry Romans, American Library Association Executive Board member and head of government information and media services for Vanderbilt University Libraries in Nashville, posted a brief report on the ALA Council's electronic discussion list this morning about the
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