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We all know that libraries are busier than ever, providing incredible service in these challenging economic times. What if libraries went away, even for a day? What would the impact be on our state and the people we serve? What would happen if there were no libraries?
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The Stickney-Forest View Public Library District Board, from left: Joe Lopez, Secretary Marjorie Blatter, Jason Bruscato, Christ Dumas, Francesca Drnek, President Sylvia Hosek, and Treasurer Lisa Santilli.
The U.S. consumes more paper and paper products per capita than any other country in the world.
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Student Chapters planning to raise funds for Haiti should be able to account for all funds and raise money for groups that are nationally and internationally well known, such as Doc
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The ALA Washington Office issued a press release this morning, announcing that President Obama's  FY2011 budget proposal to Congress calls for a freeze on federal library funding under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), the primary source of federal funding for libraries.  Under the president’s plan, LS
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Doug Tattershall, media relations coordinator for Lexington Public Library in Kentucky, sent American Libraries an e-mail announcing that three finalists for the library's vacant executive director position will be in Lexington for two days this week interviewing.
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We have a magnificent reading room which houses a grand old fireplace, comfy chairs and lots and lots of periodicals where I work. The number and variety of periodicals we offer, as well as how well they are neatly maintained, is much appreciated by our patrons.
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Will Manley
Will Manley, popular columnist for both American Libraries and Booklist, has entered the blogosphere with
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Wine corks are one of many materials libraries can recycle
There are many items that you can select to recycle or help properly dispose of within your library’s recycling program.  Naturally, some items will make better additions to your program than others.  Below is information on some of the items currently collected at my library.  
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After two and a half years of planning, the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program will finally launch.
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(via the ALA Student Member Blog) The American Library Association (ALA), acting on a resolution adopted by its Council on Jan.
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