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The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) invites you to help invent the future of museums and libraries through your participation in UpNext: The Future of Museums and Libraries Wiki.
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Interns Aditya Doshi and Jane Leibrock, Intern Maurini Strub
Three interns from the University of Michigan recently completed a one-week stint at the American Library Association  where they wowed the staff Web Editorial Board with presentations of their projects related to improving the “human-computer interface” of the ALA website
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Starting this month, each new issue of American Libraries will be accompanied by a digital edition.
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BookBag, designed by Kathy Kelly
When It’s a BookBag, designed by Kathy Kelly.
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survey image
Gathering patron input is invaluable to understanding the needs and wants of your community.  It’s also a wonderful way to build your library’s green treasure chest.
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Biodgradable mug made from corn
Does your library offer coffee and tea to its patrons and staff? If so, you may want to consider serving them in something other than a polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) cup—if you are not already doing so. Why? In addition to the potential health-related risks, there are environmental concerns:
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"Reed Business Information has taken another step in the divestment of its U.S.-based magazines," Folio magazine reported yesterday, saying that the publisher has sold Library Journal and School Library Journal to Media Source Inc., based in Pl
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ALA JobLIST offers one-stop access for career leads, communicating with employers, and tips for success in the library and information science profession.
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Photo of author and speaker
Have you ever attended a great program at your local library?  A program that you remember years later as if it was yesterday?   Some of the very best programs that I’ve attended over the years included a big name speaker, a visionary who left me wanting to know more and do more. 
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A.J. Griffin, with the bike rack he requested at Herr Memorial Library
As a child, I loved riding my bicycle. It remained my main mode of transportation throughout high school. Over the years though, like many Americans, I began to rely more heavily on public transportation and ultimately a car to get around.
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