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ALA Annual Meeting photo
Coming to DC for ALA Annual 2010 but don't know what to expect?  Take a minute and a half to view highlights from last year's record breaking conference.  While some of the names will change, we promise even more interesting and exciting speakers, professional
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Bookcart drill Team from 2009
The sixth annual Library Book Cart Drill Team Championship, showcasing library workers performing themed dance routines with costumes and creatively decorated book carts, will be held from 4 to 5:30 p.m., Sunday, June 27. 
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green earth
Most libraries have a break room that includes a kitchen area. Today, I’d like to offer a few simple, low-cost, eco-friendly options to help keep it clean and fresh without the use of harmful-to-the-environment products.  
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Hotel Rooms :
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Library Advocay Day 2010 Logo -
Here's a brief list of 'conference wide' events, programs, meetings and sessions that shouldn't be missed. 
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Almost two months ago, students at the Templeton Elementary School in Bloomington, Indiana, performed a play that they and their parents had written, The Case of the Missing Librarian, as an expression of the loss they felt over their beloved librarian, Laura Hall, being reassigned to a classroom at the end
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The ALA Washington Office will host Library Advocacy Day featuring a rally at 11 a.m. June 29, 2010, on the U.S. Capitol grounds in Washington, D.C.
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EcoMacs' Biodiesel Team
Every year, a career day is held at my high school. This year, I was again invited back to speak to the students about their career options.
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“Checking in the Books,” a snapshot from Scera Park Elementary School in Orem, Utah.
"Snapshot Days are spreading like wildfire!” exclaims Marci Merola, director of ALA’s Office for Library Advocacy. “You know you have a great idea when in just a matter of months and with a minimal push from ALA half the country gets involved.
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picture of woman in front of water
As we head into the long Memorial Day weekend, I’m reminded of what it is about this time of year that I so love. For me, its beauty is in its simple pleasures.
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