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Play the SCVNGR trek in the ALA Exhibits. Simply text 'ALATREK' to 728647 to get the app.  Apple or andriod users search SCVNGR.  You can win great prizes as you walk the exhibits with this fun game. 
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Open Gaming Night attendees, Open Gaming Night Rock Band
More than 140 attendees got together at the Renaissance Ballroom in the Renaissance Washington hotel to win prizes, watch their colleagues go all out at Rock Band, and play “European” board games (code for modern board games that are more social and don’t rely on just rolling the die and moving around a board).
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ALA Cognotes, Issue 3, June 27, 2010.
As the daily rag for all things Annual, Cognotes isn't just filled with tidbits covering the past day's events.
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Interview with author Sir Salman Rushdie
Salmon Rushdie discusses his experiences in libraries and the value of libraries with PIO's Steve Zalusky.
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Fabrice Florin, executive director and founder of NewsTrust
As librarians, we know we’re better than Google at providng relevant information—it's just that we're rarely as fast. At the “Competing with Search Engines:Rethinking Websites and Social Media Strategies” Saturday morning, executive director Fabrice Florin
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Weeding the shelves at Cardoza High School for the ALA10 Libraries Build Communities project
Another positive note from volunteer Robin Brown about ALA's Libraries Build Communities project, an annual event where conference attendees help local libraries, along
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Katherine Fleming, Random House
It's difficult to miss the OverDrive Digital Bookmobile, which is stationed in the corner of a large parking lot across the street from the Washington Convention Center. But inside is not just the expected product information. The Digital Bookmobile is also home to a project called Lend Your Voice.
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If you cannot participate in Library Advocacy Day this Tuesday, you can participate in Virtual Library Advocacy Day
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Toni Morrison signing books at the Opening General Session.
Nobel Prize–winning author Toni Morrison capped a splendid Opening General Session at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., yesterday with what has to be the quote of the year.
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Saturday's Top 10 Tweets!
Ambassadors and emerging tech and Fillion and oh my!
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