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Z! Haukeness from the Shine Initiative—a nonprofit based in Madison, Wisconsin—keeps a prominent profile in a glass room in the middle of Madison Public Library, where he and a coworker spend 30 hours a week helping patrons find housing and jobs and apply for food stamps. Some people come just to talk through hardships, he says.
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Supervisor position names
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Two different types of refreshable Braille display laptop readers demonstrated at the 2011 Universal Learning Design Conference, Brno, Czech Republic
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NaNoWriMo logo
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Logo used by Buffalo and Erie County (N.Y.) Public Library to brand its anti-bullying banners and posters.
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The Washington Research Library Consortium, with Facility Manager Tammy Beck Henning at floor level.
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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?
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Therapy dogs at Marymount University's Hannon Library
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