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An inmate at the Adult Corrections Facility in Hennepin County, Minnesota, participates in the library's Read to Me program.
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A Twister tournament kicks off the Welcome Week Game Night at Rodney A. Briggs Library at the University of Minnesota Morris. The challenge is one of the library's most popular events, attracting 75-100 students on average. (Photo: Rodney A. Briggs Library)
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Z! Haukeness from the Shine Initiative—a nonprofit based in Madison, Wisconsin—keeps a prominent profile in a glass room in the middle of Madison Public Library, where he and a coworker spend 30 hours a week helping patrons find housing and jobs and apply for food stamps. Some people come just to talk through hardships, he says.
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Supervisor position names
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Two different types of refreshable Braille display laptop readers demonstrated at the 2011 Universal Learning Design Conference, Brno, Czech Republic
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NaNoWriMo logo
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Logo used by Buffalo and Erie County (N.Y.) Public Library to brand its anti-bullying banners and posters.
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The Washington Research Library Consortium, with Facility Manager Tammy Beck Henning at floor level.
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