Voters OK $139.9 Million for Broward County Library

Voters OK $139.9 Million for
Broward County Library

Broward (Fla.) County Library received a landslide of moral and fiscal support on March 9, when 72% of the voters approved a $139.9-million bond issue that will fund the purchase of one million print and audio books, the construction of nine new libraries, and the expansion of five existing sites, among other improvements. Property owners will pay for the improvements with an increased property-tax assessment (amounting to $10.95 annually for a $73,000 home) to service the debt on bonds that will begin being issued by this fall.

“I’m just thrilled to death,” Director Sam Morrison told the Miami Herald on election day, attributing the victory to county commissioners’ support and “a citizen-driven campaign” in which volunteers set up informational tables in libraries and spoke to more than 150 civic groups.

Officials have vowed to build two new regional facilities by the beginning of the 2000 school year to begin giving library boosters their money’s worth as soon as possible.

Posted March 15, 1999.