"Perpetual Knowledge" in the Niles (lll.) Public Library

The Niles (Ill.) Public Library (NPL) completed a $5.5 million renovation project on January 31, 2014, and along with this overhaul came a 15 foot tall sculpture made of red cedar thanks to sculptor Terry Karpowicz (pictured, left), whose work has been displayed around the world in the United States, Mexico, and Russia. But the sculpture had yet to be named, so NPL held a competition in which library patrons could suggest names for the new addition to the library’s central stairway atrium.

The competition’s winner was Julia Prieto (pictured, center), a sophomore from local Oakton College, who suggested Perpetual Knowledge, as the sculpture will now be known. Prieto referenced its endlessly circular design as inspiration for the name.

Karpowicz compared the sculpture to a pieced-together puzzle, illustrating the nature of a diverse community sharing a library.

CHRIS FRANCIS is editorial intern at American Libraries.

Perpetual Knowledge sculpture in the Niles Public Library. Terry Karpowicz (left), Julia Prieto (center), Chris Hanusiak (president of the Friends of the Niles Public Library, right)